Why Asking for Help is The New IQ | Winning the Entrepreneur’s Game

It took a while for the advice to stick, but someone much wiser than me once said “beware of the fool who says you should learn everything you can to fill all of your skill gaps”.

The thing is, you absolutely can find and then learn the stuff that will make you a minor celebrity in your own space. 

Heck, if you’re hungry and resourceful enough, you can learn from the best and become an authority. 

But you have to be in a mindset that is okay with asking for help. 

Because the list of things you need to do to make your biz grow isn’t getting any shorter.

It’s a somewhat direct and maybe a bit polarising – but the reason for the timely reminder is it’s not as hard or expensive as you might think to get across the most up-to-date knowledge and trends to put you at the cutting edge in your vertical market or niche. 

But before you start growing we need to ask… 

Do you sometimes look at others businesses and wonder why they have more or better customers than you? 

Have you made excuses to yourself as to why you ‘can’t’ do it? 

Have you heard yourself tell others why it’s not worth the bother or that it’s too hard?

Hey. It’s okay – It’s called a bad hair day. We’ve all been there.

But – about knowing everything. As it turns out, the most successful people in the world probably don’t know as much as you do about your thing. 

In fact, it’s gobsmacking how often the really successful people you see around you give credit to others where it’s due and refer to others’ cheat sheets, framework and knowledge without which they’d still be stuck wondering what the hell to do.

Particularly when it comes to Lead Generation, Internet Marketing and reducing the Cost of Customer Acquisition and Sales. 

Simply put, the most successful people are secure enough to defer to those who are smarter, faster and better. 

So, should it really come as such a shock that the most successful people in the world don’t do it all by themselves? 

No, because they totally don’t do it on their own. 

They completely own the thing(s) they’re good at. 

They own the sh*t out of just those things and get good at asking for help from others who are good at all the other things. 

Just like you, I grew up hearing the old adage (from within my own family) ‘if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself’. 

But the reason why this saying is ridiculous is even back in the day, Colonel Sanders didn’t cook all the chicken. 


So – what was The Colonel good at? 

How many people did he lean on to be able to systemise everything in his business so that he could open up a shop in every town in practically every country on the planet? 

He needed a truckload of help. 

He sought it out, hired for it and got it. 

So why on earth should you learn all the stuff that you don’t know? 

That’s a lot of stuff! 

Not that it’s an excuse to say you don’t have the time – you actually don’t – but the end game is clear. 

You’ll become incredibly unhappy because you’d almost never get to apply or share any of the stuff you’re good at and enjoy. 

So pick something. And then own it. And then go forward with it like it’s your superpower and use it for the greater good.

Most of us weren’t born entrepreneurs or raised to leverage the help of others. 

On the contrary, if anything, the school system and the world around you programmed you to be the opposite. 

Who knows why? It’s genuinely shameful.

There’s a life changing ultimatum in this for us and it doesn’t actually matter how conventionally smart we are.

Take your car for example. 

You could save money learning to fix it ‘good and proper’ by yourself. 

You could job shadow a car mechanic as they are fixing and troubleshooting in the garage with other people’s cars for a few weeks and then dive down a dark & dirty YouTube hole for another few days, learning the rest of how to maintain, fix and service the car you’ve got. 

Or, you could apply the specific money making stuff at the cutting edge of what you’re good at and drive whatever the hell car you want.

Now let’s apply this to your business. 

If you made the choice to ask for help generating leads you can close and ended up with heaps of hyperactive buyers, what kind of difference would that make to your business? 

It would be huge, right?

The choice to acquire the exact kinds of customers you want (even if it means we have to help you ethically steal them from the competition) is a choice you can make today. 

The specific framework that attracts your absolute dream customers and effs off the ones you don’t want already exists and here at Uncommon Frank, we own it.

Let’s chat about who your dream customers are – and let’s put a plan together that delivers them to you. [email protected]

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