Stop Barfing on Your Customers | VISION vs MISSION Statements

Can we ask you a fair (but confronting) question?

How many times this year have you banged on about yourself and barfed all over everyone about your ‘people’, your ‘products’ and your ‘company vision’?

Contrary to the belief of those special entrepreneurs who have spent way too much time and money on their ‘Vision Statements’… it’s actually not something you should ever share with people outside of your company. 

That’s right. Wipe it off your collateral and scrub it from your website until you’ve got something that actually aligns with something that sells.

Don’t worry dear friend, we’ll give you something to replace it with in a minute.

But your Vision Statement is not for public consumption. It’s the barnacle speckled rudder you use for one purpose only: To steer your boat. 

And it should stay where it belongs, out of sight and underwater.

A part of you wants to gouge your own eyes out when you see it in the guff that salespeople give you when they are trying to ‘sell you something’, right?

Usually, it’s the hot garbage that stinks up the first few pages of the pitch deck.

If it’s your deck, you might even think it sounds good because it’s about you. But guess what – it kills deals.

If you think about it, it’s actually a form of insanity to lead with this stuff, especially when you consider that the truly successful legends that you either know personally or have seen out there [the ones who are absolute experts at making friends, winning clients and picking up chicks]… they operate on an entirely. different. level. 

They don’t walk up to a girl and start talking about themselves. 

No, far from it. 

What do the real experts do?

When they do talk to someone else, the interest is focused almost exclusively about the other person… with genuine interest and only talking about themselves when asked.

These communication experts instinctively know that talking about themselves is boring to others and it does something else too – it actually makes them appear untrustworthy. 

If they start talking about themselves at the wrong time, anything they say will never be believed – Why? Because they know it will sound like they have a big fat agenda.

The real smart cookies don’t talk about themselves except for the very specific times when they are told: ‘You seem smart, maybe you can help me’ or, if after they tell you all about their thing they ask: ‘So, what is it that you do?’

B2B and B2C sales are exactly the same… don’t kid yourself, it doesn’t matter if it’s one to one or one to many and your business is not so special that these same universal truths don’t apply. 

It’s all Monkey to Monkey… to the guys out there, it’s picking up the chick at a bar – especially if you think she’s out of your league.

Listen, if you are anything like us, the way you make a significant impact on the bottom line for your client is by asking the single most important questions.

When we ask awesome questions and then demonstrate our understanding of exactly how our clients’ customers deepest, most urgent needs will be met, we speak a language that almost no one else has the brains or courage to learn. Vision Statements begone!

Enter the Value Statement

Why? Because you still get to talk about you, but hey, at least you can do it in a way that is Customer Focused for once.


To get this right, you will need to know who your ideal (segmented) customer is. 

Now you are ready to try it out for yourself! 

We promise it will cut through the noise (it’s really, really noisy out there).

Now, imagine you had a coffee with someone who after a few short minutes could describe your company in the above way… would you work with them? 

Of course you would! Because they precisely understood the *real value* that your product or brand offered, right? 

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