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It’s exasperating, isn’t it?

You ticked all the Direct Marketing boxes they gave you. You’ve got a website, you’ve got followers on Instagram and Facebook and a few ‘likes’ along the way… so why aren’t your products selling FASTER?

Here’s the truth

You’ve heard it before, but you haven’t done enough about the 2 biggest factors… getting new customers comes with either TIME or TRUST. 

There are some very specific hacks and shortcuts and we’ll unpack some big ones here.

Anyway. These 2 factors are always at play and, as you’ve already noticed, it almost never matters how ‘affordable’ your product is.

Think about it

What’s the point of difference between your products… and the more generic ones from the bigger brands that anyone can get from somewhere else? 

Getting a new customer to take that leap of faith and buy your products is going to take one of these two things only TIME or TRUST.  So how do you cut down the first and amp up the other?

First Steps

What steps are you taking to educate your customer on a regular basis about your point of difference to make them consider buying your products instead of someone else’s (or better yet, buy your stuff right now)?

Are you keeping in touch with them on a regular basis through Social Media? This isn’t something you should do just once in a while, this a basic hygiene factor in business and if you don’t have time to do it yourself or do it well, get someone awesome to do it for you. 

If Social Media is the top of your sales funnel, think about some things you can do to pull them to the bottom of your funnel (ie) your email list or on the phone for example. Come up with an offer that is low cost that they can redeem quickly and easily in exchange for their contact details.


You are in the business of making products with a difference. 

You do it because you’re good at it, it’s your passion, you know there’s a market out there for it and you want to get it into as many customers hands as possible. You need copywriting that sells.

Now, assuming you are doing the work of educating, entertaining and engaging your customers, here’s what will sell it for you FASTER….

1. Offer them a deal they can’t refuse (stack your offer)

2. Frame it as a win-win-win (everybody wins)

3. Ask them for the business (invite them, don’t ‘close’ them)

The 3 Way Win

You’ve probably heard of this before, but how can you frame a ‘3 way win’ effectively to a win a new customer? It’s not that hard, all you need to do is call out who stands to win in this specific order:

  • You do!  Be upfront about this because if you don’t, your customer will be too busy trying to calculate what your win is (i.e. how much you stand to gain) because it’s human nature and that’s just going to be distracting. The benefit to you of being up front about your win is you will win their TRUST.
  • Next (and importantly) They do. What’s going to make that customer feel good about your product or brand? What does it deliver to THEM?  Reiterate the reason why you got into this business in the first place – you did it because you care about them and the feeling that your brand or product delivers.
  • Lastly, come up with a question that makes your prospect think of THEIR win a little more deeply in terms of the positive impact it makes for the people around them…. make them sell it to themselves – don’t just tell them, *ask* them!

FYI… did you also know… ?

Uncommon Frank specialises in helping you create copy and offers that SELL?

It’s what we do! Uncommon Frank loves helping you turn your social media clicks into customers do you can get more (and better) customers. 

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