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NEWSFLASH: If you’re going to invest your time and money into something, sooner or later you’re going to realise how important it is to have a ‘why’. It’s the customer facing story that is your truth and it’s actually the most powerful weapon you’ve got in business. It’s a growth hack you can’t afford to ignore in your PR, your marketing or your website. You may have have brushed it off as something you said you’ll address later but because of the rapidly changing needs of today’s customer – now more than ever, it’s become super critical.

These next few paragraphs are going to lay the simple truths bare for you. No holds barred.

Ready spaghetti? Let’s go. 

So, if you ask yourself why you do everything you do and your answer is ‘it’s all for my kids to have a good life’, your mum will probably say that’s more than noble enough. 

But is it going to sell anything for you?

On the other hand, if instead you say your motivation is ‘to make a bit more money’, that’s probably not going to work out either. Why? Because when you’re looking for investors or asking employees to dig deep and join you on your journey down the hard road, the good ones – the really good ones who are serious and will grow your business for you are going to ask you for your ‘why’.

So… what are you going to tell them?

There is absolutely no doubt you’ve already heard your customers ask you the question. 

Same thing goes for your suppliers and the best people that you’ve interviewed as employees – but maybe you just didn’t listen to what they were really asking. 

Your customers, your best employees, the people from whom you ask big commitments in exchange for their attention, time or money are desperate to know your ‘why’ so they can get behind everything that you do. That’s what they’re looking for.

Right? If you’re asking them to come on board, they’re going to ask you what got you started in this business in the first place. If you say ‘I want to pay off my mortgage faster’ or ‘I want to drive a nicer car’ be honest with yourself, what kind of support do you think you are going to get from anyone? 

Why should they care?

You see, if you want your business and brand to be truly great, this is the thing you need to keep in sight. Don’t take this the wrong way – nobody cares about you or your business as much as you might think. 

They only really care about your ‘why’.

Want more help from your network? Want something BIG? You’re going to need to recruit people along the way to help – and those people aren’t going to do anything for you unless they either believe in your vision (your ‘why’) or if there’s something substantial in it for them (enough money to care).

This is the thing though. Formatting and properly exploiting that customer facing story requires a very specific set of skills and the good news is, we can show you exactly how to formulate that story and demonstrate the best ways to leverage it to grow your brand FAST.

1. Start by asking yourself: what’s your ‘why’. If you were someone else, if you were someone who could help YOU, would you care? 

2. Then, reach out to the people who are put on this planet to help you get it to where it needs to be, like US so you can have:

– The right hook and the right story. 

– The right offer at the right time.

Why us? Because we know exactly what those frameworks are and get results for our customers every time because of it and a business that knows what it wants but needs help getting more customers to make it happen are the only ones we work with. 

By helping you articulate your why, and by showing you exactly how and where to say it, we can deliver you exactly what you need. Attention from exactly the people who are going to care and making sure your offers and the specific story that supports it pops up in their newsfeeds. 

That’s what it’s about. You can try and take shortcuts, but you’ll only sell yourself short.

Yes, there’s a science and a skillset involved, but that’s exactly what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s literally what makes us fall in love with our jobs over and over again every single day because it’s the one thing that sparks a huge amount of growth for everyone we’ve worked with.

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